At Escamilla we have always tried to have a close relationship with our customers. Our main objective is to be able to offer our users the best sales experience. One of our offers is based on the olives wholesale. Among other things, this type of sale is an option where we can offer our customers our products at differential prices.



A family business with tradition

Escamilla has years of experience in the olive distribution. It is a company with a strong traditional adapted to the times and new technologies. For this reason, although our harvesting process is still carried out by hand, after the greening we have the latest technology in facilities for a perfect disposition of the olives to the customer.

Our offer, adapted to the sales of olives wholesaleThis makes it possible for our customers to obtain these olives freshly harvested.



The advantages of olive wholesaling

Among many of the advantages that wholesale offers, we find the fact of being able to buy industrial and/or specific quantities for each need. The communication between our company and the customer is paramount and we aim to ensure that the chain of collection and distribution is the best.

These sales also offer us the possibility to reinforce the business-to-business relations. User loyalty is the goal of every business, and in Escamilla Olives we have this link as a priority.



Our range of olives

As we have already mentioned above, our variety of olives helps in the purchasing process, as the customer has the option of choosing any of the 3 types of olives we work with at Escamilla: Manzanilla, Gordal and Verdial. These types of olives are volatile in terms of the final product, as they can be destined for either table olives and oil.

Although our main customer is the hospitality sector, in Escamilla Olives we are committed to expanding the range of possibilities. In short, any buying and selling process involves communication and a relationship with our customer. This is why at Escamilla we strive to ensure that our sales of olives wholesale is an efficient and cost-effective process for the user.


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