Sliced olives are also an option.

The Spanish olive is a well-known aperitif, very much our own and one that identifies us. There is many varieties of olivesas well as a variety of presentations. For example, seasoned, boned and stuffed. But the sliced olives are also a good choice for your dishes.



Some dishes in which sliced olives are eaten

Often we don't notice, but the sliced olives are more present in our food than we think. Nowadays, there are many establishments that choose to buy this type of olives. Some examples are the pizzas in the Italian foodor some salads in restaurants.



Why use sliced olives?

The main reason for using sliced olives is, logically, for comfort. The pre-cut product helps us to save time in the production or preparation of food. We can then use the time saved for other things.

But there is not only the fact of speed. The sliced olives also have an intense flavour that few know. Since it is more pieces that take on the full flavour of the seasoning y condiments. Our sliced green manzanilla with peppers, for example, has an intense flavour from its companion.



Other advantages of using sliced olives

There is also the fact of the quantities. There are a multitude of recipes for olives that can be made both in establishments and at home.

Sometimes these recipes indicate a quantity that is difficult to control. We are talking about an exact amount of grams, which can change the final flavour if we overdo it or underdo it. This is where the important role of the sliced olives.

You are at olivesin addition to all the advantagesthat we have said before, also help to better control the quantities in the recipes. Since they are in small quantities, they are easier to weigh and add. In addition, they are usually sliced olives They tend to last longer, as we use them in the right measure, so in the end they are even more profitable for us.

Ultimately, it is true that the olive can be enjoyed wherever we want and in whatever way we want. But we must not forget that sliced olives are also a good option.


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