The Week of the World's Indigenous People ends on Sunday. Table olives of the Province. This is organised by the Diputación to promote the Table Olive as an emblematic value of gastronomy.

The president of Prodetur, Agripina Cabello, and the manager of Prodetur, Amador Sánchez, attended the San Pablo airport today, accompanied by its director, Jesús Caballero. They witnessed an event organised by the Provincial Council. The aim of the event was to promote this product as an emblematic value of the area's gastronomy. It has been carried out throughout the whole of Table Olive Week.

This activity is aimed at the final public. It is aimed at the tasting of different varieties of olives from the province at different points of high tourist flow. For this reason, it has been held at Seville airport and at the San Justa railway station, where a stand has also been set up.

What else has been done on this day?

In addition, throughout the weekend, and in collaboration with the Seville and Province Hotel Association, some twenty hotels will be handing out different samples of this product to their customers, either as a direct gift or by tasting it.

  • Source: Prodetur

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