Do you know why olives are one of the most consumed snacks in Spain? It is a tapas classic. If you want to incorporate this great product into your businessAceitunas Escamillas is a supplier of olives and we have all the varieties you are looking for. We invite you to discover all our products.

Do you know the types of olives that exist?


Types of olives

Depending on the colour of the olives, there are three types of olives:

Greens: Green olives are those that are harvested at an optimum point of ripeness and the most common are of normal size.

Changing colour: This variety is harvested before the end of the ripening process. These fruits are purple in colour.

Black: These are olives that are harvested once they have reached full ripeness.

Olives ripen over time, and the riper they are, the more fat they contain. If you want to avoid calories you should choose green olives.

If we consume olives in moderation and without heavy seasoning, they can provide many benefits for our organism. Don't forget that the proportion of fats contained in olives is around 20% and most of them can be assimilated by the body. But remember that the The recommended daily dose is 7 olives a day.

We encourage you to eat this delicious snack!

Do you want to sell our Escamilla Olives in your business?



Supplier of olives

As we have already mentioned, Aceitunas Escamilla is supplier of olives. We are fully prepared for the distribution of all our products to all types of establishments.

Depending on the type of establishment to which our products are to be directed, we have different packaging. Whether for supermarkets, traditional retail outlets, gourmet shops, online sales, etc.

Do you want to have the best olives in your establishment? Just contact us and we will offer you the best option to suit your needs.


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