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At Aceitunas Escamilla we are olive suppliers. We know the passion that exists for olives and that is why we take care and pamper our product to the maximum.

When we arrive at a bar or restaurant there is a routine that always happens automatically: we order our drink and when they bring it to us, in most places it is accompanied by the aperitif that everyone loves: olives. And when this doesn't happen and the drinks arrive on their own, we tend to be surprised and order them ourselves. This sequence is repeated over and over again... but what happens when the olives are not to our liking? We tend to feel a bit angry and it also influences our first impression and subsequent opinion of the place, as well as the fact that we leave the little plate of olives full.

However, if we love olives, we tend to be very happy, we comment on it, we even ask for more and our mood for lunch or dinner will be different, more positive. It may seem an exaggeration but it is so, olives are one of the first impressions of gastronomic places. Therefore, in this post, we wanted to stress the importance of having quality olives in our business, both for bars, restaurants, hotels, shops...flavour and tradition must go hand in hand, and that is why it is important to have olive suppliers quality.

At Aceitunas Escamilla, as olive suppliers and aware of this reality, we have various formats and packaging for the hotel and catering industry.



-2 and a half kilos of olives:

We are talking about the net drained weight. It is a very practical format due to its capacity and shape.


-Cylindrical olive tin:

It has an easy-opener, a very important aspect in a sector such as the catering industry. It also has a silicone lid so that once the container is opened, the olives are perfectly preserved.



It is a cylindrical GLASS container, similar to the plastic pet bottle. The advantage of the sagomato, being a glass product, is that it is pasteurised, which means that the life of the product is 4 years compared to the plastic pet bottle, which is 2 years. And once the product has been opened, it can be consumed in 15 days, whereas the pet bottle can be consumed in less than 7 days. It is a traditional format, in which olives have always been sold. In this packaging we have the varieties of manzanilla with stone, the pitted manzanilla, the verdial aliñada and the verdial, grandmother's recipe. The capacity for olives with stone is 1900 gr drained and for pitted olives it is 1600 gr.

-Can of olives of 5 kilos:

It is a square can, with a net drained weight of 5 kilos. The varieties available in this pack are the natural flavoured chamomile with bone and the anchovy flavoured chamomile.

-Doypack of 2 kilos of olives:

This format has an airtight zip closure, which facilitates its conservation once opened and therefore its discontinuous use. These bags are made of flexible material, with a gusset at the bottom, which allows them to stand up vertically, something very important for sales businesses such as shops and supermarkets, as it allows the product to be seen due to its upright position. This container is widely used by the catering industry for any type of product, solids or liquids.

In short, convenient, practical and economical formats for the catering trade, so that the best quality olives shine in your business.

If you want more information about our packaging call 955 715 600. We will give you all the information you need.


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