It's here again, the long-awaited and nostalgic Christmas. Almost without warning, the streets are full of lights again. And one of the most special traditions of these dates: getting together for lunch or dinner with family or friends.

It is also a time of reunions because many come from far away and that is why Christmas is so special. We know that we will all be gathered around a table full of food. In addition, we will live and be surrounded by laughterof stories of jokes to tell, jokes to laugh at and illusions to share.

Therefore, prepare some good starters is a difficult task every Christmas. We want to innovate, to surprise and to please, and with Escamilla olives We have made it much easier for you. We have prepared a recipe with olivesso that this Christmas, you can start with an original and delicious snack, which your guests will be delighted with.


Canapés with Sevillian olive pâté

Olives are a must on the Christmas table because they are an essential ingredient for the appetizer that you will always get right and that whets the appetite for the next dishes. But in addition to the usual Sevillian olives, we can do something with a different touch so that our guests can see our cooking and creative skills: with these canapés of sevillian olive pâtéyou will be amazed.


The ingredients we would need are as follows:

- 300 grams of olives from Seville

- 50g. chopped parsley

- Dried tomatoes

- Toasts or canapé baskets

- Pepper

- 2 cloves garlic

- Cheese spread (classic)

How is it made?

To prepare this recipe, the first thing to do is to soak the tomatoes in water for approximately 10 minutes. To find out if they are ready, just feel them and if they are soft, you can remove the water.

Next, the olives and parsley should be finely chopped, and a touch of oil, salt, pepper and garlic cloves should be added. All this must be beaten very well with the blender to obtain our pâté.

Finally, spread the spreadable cheese over the toastsOn top we add our pâté and the tomato, which will give a touch of colour to the delicious canapés. The spreadable cheese is recommended to be classic, because our olive pâté already gives all the flavour to the canapé.

With this original starter we will make sure that our guests enjoy themselves and that they also get to know a different way of enjoying the olives from Seville of a lifetime. We hope you will try this recipe, you will love it.

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