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One year is already gone.... and a new one is already beginning. And it's hard to believe that we are once again in the last week of the year. We take stock, and think about the most important things that have happened to us. But above all, we think about the good things to come with the new 12 chimes...

That is why in Escamilla Olives We also wanted to make resolutions for the new year. Companies need people to set goals and to achieve them. Our entire professional team works every day to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and reach our customers with the best guarantees. Because for all of us it has been a year of hard work. Many hours, a year of continuous growth and full of positivity and energy. And of course, with the aim of continuing to maintain it in this new year that is beginning and that will be full of flavour, quality, tradition and joy...

Our objectives

Escamilla Olives will continue to be committed to quality with exhaustive controls and periodic analyses of all our production. In this way, we can guarantee the outstanding characteristics of our olive varieties such as the camomile, gordal, verdial and our special dressings. All of them are made with care, such as the traditional dressing, the traditional dressing Campero, Gazpacha and Aliño Grandma's Recipe.

-Another of our objectives is the expansion of our brand in the international market. We have already been working on this aspect during the last year. Olives are a product of our land and in many countries, they are a gastronomic attraction. We will continue working to ensure that an Andalusian product reaches far beyond our borders.

-We have also closed the year by opening a window into the digital world with the company specialising in Digital Marketing Mkg20 Digital Trainso that our customers and all those who wish can enter our universe and get to know our entire manufacturing process through social networks.

-We will continue to work to create synergies with other companies, collaboration agreements to support a product of our land, creating business strategies to add up and continue growing.

-We want the consumer to appreciate more and more the olive qualityAn increasingly demanding customer who knows the types and characteristics of our product, who knows how to differentiate between a first and second category olive, and who knows how to evaluate the true value of this appetizer par excellence, giving them as much information as possible through social networks, the web and promotion at points of sale.

-Increase in the volume of business at national and international level, knowing the importance of the distribution we intend to grow in that sense and that Escamilla olives The food is everywhere, from the table of a family in Seville to a table in the Azores or Namibia, in Africa.

-Introduction of new seasonings and new formats. If there is one thing that characterises our olives, it is their intense flavour, but there are also many different tastes, so for 2017 we have come up with new ways of flavouring and packaging our olives. formatswith the highest quality products, in order to reach the majority of people so that everyone can eat our olives.

Have you thought about your wishes for the New Year?

We look forward with great enthusiasm, desire and strength to achieve these goals and on New Year's Eve we will toast to a year 2017 full of joy, reunions, health, flavour and love...

 The whole team of the Aceitunas Escamilla family wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!



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