Olives for cholesterol and triglycerides: Are they good?

Olives for cholesterol and triglycerides: Are they good?

In escamilla olives we know that our product (olives for cholesterol and triglycerides), is the perfect appetizer to calm or open the appetite between hours, either at home, in bars, restaurants, etc. It has a wide variety with or without bone, whole, chopped, green or black, etc.


In the past, olives were considered a forbidden food in the diet of people who wanted to lose weight, since they contain a high content of essential oils.

Olives are good for cholesterol and triglycerides, since they are not only a food full of healthy nutrients for our organism, but also a good natural medicine.

If you suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides add olives to your diet, because they will help you reduce it.


Thanks to its essential oils and its high nutritional value which has important benefits for health, a better general state of the organism is achieved.

It is an essential food in the Mediterranean diet, it is satiating and will help you maintain your weight stable and balanced, so it is good to eat acetunas for cholesterol and triglycerides.


The benefits of eating olives for cholesterol and triglycerides are as follows:

  • Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice
  • Helps digestion
  • They are energetic
  • They have a high nutritional value
  • Contains calcium
  • Contain vitamins A, B and E
  • Prevent heart diseases

That is why Escamilla olives, as we have discovered in the Post, have been proven to be a high quality nutritious food. With many benefits and with an excellent flavor.

We are experts in olives, so if you want to enjoy delicious and nutritious olives, trust us. In Aceitunas Escamilla we offer you a wide catalog so that you can find your favourite olives.

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