Dressed split olives: everything you need to know

There is nothing more typically Spanish than sitting on a terrace with friends and sipping a few beers while you nibble on some delicious seasoned split olives. And olives are the mediterranean aperitif par excellenceThe most common in Greece, Portugal and, of course, Spain.

If there is one thing we like about olives is that there is something for all tastes and palates: whole, stuffed, split... We are sure that everyone has their favourite variety, but today we will talk about some of the most popular ones: the chopped or crushed olives, seasoned.



What are dressed split olives?

Split or crushed olives are simply a way of preparing this Mediterranean delicacy. The purpose of splitting the olives is to macerate them in the dressing much more quickly. The fruit is more intensely impregnated. This results in a absolutely delicious appetizerwhich can be prepared with an infinite variety of dressings.



What types of seasoned split olives are there?

Although every house has its own secret formula, at Escamilla we offer two varieties of split olives with an absolutely spectacular flavour and body:

  • Green Split Olive.
  • Green Split Olive with Grandma's Dressing.

The ingredients used The seasonings are carefully sectioned and designed to provide an intense and delicious flavour. The most commonly used are garlic, paprika, vinegar and pepper. A whole combination of spices that give a magical touch to the dressing.



Uses of split olives:

Although the split olives are a food that is mostly used as an appetizer. Their intense flavour also makes them an excellent ingredient for some cold dishes and starters. Such as green salads, pasta or potato salads.

We could even use them to flavour certain sauces or hot roasts, such as, for example, a chicken stew where split olives can provide an incredible explosion of flavour. Remember that this type of olives have pits, and depending on the dish, it is advisable to remove them before cooking to avoid accidents.

It is always important to seek out new experiences, whether in the culinary sphere or in life. Which is why we introduce you to the split olivesWe have created a new way of cooking, so that you can feel that new flavour on your palate and understand the profound wellbeing that can come from innovating in the kitchen. If you are wondering what is the meaning behind these two curious words and how they can bring beneficial things to your life, read on, you are in the right place.



Split olives: Another way of eating table olives

Simply put, the split olive is one of the many ways of preparing olives. However, this one differs from the others due to its peculiar final taste.

Furthermore, after being prepared in this way, they can be used for personal enjoyment (eaten on their own) or as an accompaniment when preparing a culinary dish. In this sense, they can be used for family lunches, work meetings, elaborate dinners, among others.

They are also of easy acquisitionThey can be found in any market. However, making them by hand is also a great option in terms of experience.



How to prepare split olives at home

First of all, in order to make split olives The flesh must be broken up, either by hard blows or by making incisions with a sharp knife. This is of vital importance, so that the pulp can be impregnated to a greater extent with the flavour of the dressing.
In this way, the gordal olives are suitable for this type of packaging, as they have a much higher level of pulp than their counterparts and have a certain level of fragility that allows them to be easily broken.

Subsequently, in order to prepare the dressingsIn order to make the mixture, it is necessary to crush some garlic, and then add and blend various ingredients, among which are: thyme sprigs, lemon pieces, chilli peppers, among others. Afterwards, just add the olives and mix again.

When all the above is finished, the olives and the dressing are placed in a jar filled with virgin olive oil. And then, to finish, all the ingredients are left in the refrigerator for a week, not forgetting to stir them from time to time to reposition the mixture. Through all these steps, it can be seen that artisanal preparation is a process that requires time and dedication. However, it helps to develop a wide range of culinary skills by experimenting with new flavours.

However, if you want to skip all the preparation and taste the final result without the need to invest time and effort, the most sensible thing to do is to buy ready-made olives. In this respect, brand-name split olives are the best choice. Escamilla are an ideal choice, as they have a quality and taste beyond the normal standards.

In conclusion, olives can be prepared in an infinite number of ways, however, of all these, split olives stand out due to their exceptional taste. In short, it could be said that they are indispensable in the gastronomic sector, as a means of taking the palate to new horizons.


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