When it comes to the quality of olives and pickles, at Aceitunas escamilla we are distributors of olives and pickles. So it will always be one of the best options, for its product and good work, recognised both in Spain and internationally.

That is why our products are unparalleled, selected from the best orchards, products are made with the best fruits. Bringing to every home the opportunity to taste the delights of nature.



Characteristics of escamilla olives

Founded in 1950, it is the pioneer in packaging of table olivesand the manufacture of olive dressingsobtained from beautiful olive trees planted by the family who created this company.

This brand uses a different type of olive trees and olives compared to any other company. Since its most used fruit is the manzanilla and gordal for its quality, size and flavour.

However, Hojiblancas and verdial fruits are also purchased, which constitute the group of the best fruits produced and packaged by Escamilla.

Working with a sophisticated traditional process of growing the fruits, they work and condition them in brine. With the help of certain preservatives to preserve the flavour and keep the fruits fresh and delicious.



Quality commitment

Aceitunas Escamilla has acquired a very important commitment with all its customers by offering the best quality in its products. Always working towards more satisfied customers who will recommend the brand.

The environmental management of the entire orchard that supplies fruit to Escamilla is continuously shown to the public. With this management, the fertility of the tree and its health after being unloaded is known.

Controls and analyses the products already packed to rule out possible rancid, expired fruits, with particles or foreign matter. These can cause the product to lose its quality.

Escamilla meets a quality objective, in which it assures its clients of the efficiency and quality of service to which it is committed to each client.



Scamilla products

Because olives are not an important part of many dishes, they must be sold according to the quantity needed, which is why the Escamilla products have different presentations.

Divided into groups we have three types of packaging. Personal packaging, which can be found in supermarkets, grocery stores, shops or food dispensers.

Then there is the catering packaging which is purchased in bulk for the preparation of various banquets. Used as gourmet dishes.

In personal or retail packaging, Escamilla offers packaging in various sizes from 160 grams to 600 grams. Different colours and fillings, which attract the public's attention.

They also come in flat bag and dock pack presentations in 300 and 400 gram presentations.

As far as hotel packaging is concerned, presentations come in large capacity sizes such as 2 kilograms, up to 3 kilograms. As well as can presentations up to 5 kilograms capacity.



We are distributors of olives and sausages.

For the quality of the product to be good, the harvesting process is carried out by hand, in the traditional style. The aim of this process is to protect the fruit from mistreatment.

The olives are harvested only before they start to turn green, as their ripening process is accelerated during processing and if they are cut after they have turned green, during packaging, they may lose their freshness.

It has a state-of-the-art sorter. It is capable of cleaning and processing the olives, thus preventing branches, leaves and any other particles that could contaminate the product from remaining inside the packaging.

Approximately 350,000 kilos of olives are harvested daily and around 50,000 glass, plastic and tin containers are packed.

Escamilla uses two specific types of olives. Green olives and those with changing colours, each with a different process of cultivation, harvesting, stuffing and packaging.

With an orchard of more than one million hectares of cultivation, it has specific types of different olive trees, originating from all over the world. However, the manzanilla is one of the most widely used because of the shape and size of its fruit.

Escamilla is excellence in olivesand its value for money and delicious taste. They will always keep you in first place in the subject of sausages. Following the initial tradition and improving every day with the latest technology to offer the best.

This ensures a healthy and pleasurable consumption of olives of all kinds and their delicious seasoned dressings.

Are you looking for distributors of olives and sausages? Find out more and we will advise you on what you need.


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