Do you want to incorporate our delicious Escamilla Olives to your businessDid you know that we are a wholesale olive supplier? If you are looking for the best olives we have here. We are aware of the passion that exists for olives, which is why we take the utmost care of our product.

We have a wide range of productsDo you know the varieties of olives that exist?

Olive varieties

We will now show you some varieties of olives:

The gordal olives it is a table olive with an average weight of 12 grams per fruit. It is a large-sized olive and has a great flavour. They are grown mainly in Andalusia. There are 3 types:

  • Gordal de Sevilla
  • Gordal de Granada
  • Gordal de Hellín



Its name refers to the colour of its leaves, which are light. This olive variety is produced in Cordoba, Seville and Malaga. It produces an oil with hints of apple and banana, very sweet and aromatic.



Manzanilla sevillana

It is grown mainly in Seville. It is used as a table olive and is internationally renowned, so it is not surprising that it is also grown in Israel, Australia, Argentina and the United States.



This variety of olives is grown mainly in Spain, in the regions of Andalusia and Extremadura. They are elongated in size and weigh around 7 grams. They can be used both for the production of olive oil and table olives. Do you know all these varieties of olives?

We are suppliers of olives wholesale

It is very important that you have quality olives in your business, so that your customers are happy when you serve them. Olives are the first impression a customer gets in your bar or restaurant. That is why it is important to have quality wholesale olive suppliers.

We have several formats and packaging for the hotel and catering trade. Comfortable and practical to make our olives shine in your business.


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2 thoughts on “Proveedores de aceitunas al por mayor

  1. Hello, everything OK?

    My name is Jose Itamar, I work in HR Broker with the import and export of some products, recently one of our clients asked for quotations of olives, could you send me prices of:

    *1×20'FCL green olives stuffed with pimiento
    *1×20'FCL green olives stuffed with peppers
    *1×20'FCL whole green olive olives
    *1×20'FCL whole black olives
    *1×20'FCL sliced green olives
    *1×20'FCL Pitted green olives
    *1×20'FCL sliced black olives
    *1×20'FCL pitted black olives
    All prices FCA or FOB

    1. Please contact our export support for more information.

      Thank you.

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