Olives and the popular Spanish language. Phrases and sayings about olives Find out!

Escamilla Olives is a traditional company. Our extensive experience in the production, seasoning and sale of olives began 60 years ago. And during all this time, we have all grown up listening to our grandmothers and mothers expressing themselves with popular sayings or proverbs. Can you think of any phrases, riddles or sayings about olives?

Interestingly, there are many literary resources which refer to the olives and their world.



Can you name one that is related to olives?

We feel very identified with this one: "Father's house, grandfather's vineyard, and great-grandfather's olive grove". Escamilla Olives has been passed down from generation to generation, until it has become, today, an excellent olive company. So much so that we stand out in the market for the wide variety of flavours, formats and types of olives we offer.

Think of another popular saying, I'm sure you've heard others...

There are many linked to the harvesting of the beautiful and exquisite table olive. For example: "A últimos de noviembre coge tu oliva siempre" or "A últimos de noviembre, coge la oliva y después duerme".

At Escamilla Olives We attach great importance to the harvesting of our most prized fruit. It is essential for us to harvest them before veraison, after the summer, when they are at the right point of ripeness, not before or after. For this reason, we carry out an arduous harvesting campaign and for this reason, these two popular sayings come to mind: we don't rest until all the delicious Escamilla Olives leave the olive tree!



Do you know any idiom related to the tree from which the olive comes?

"Olive tree, olive and olive tree, all are one". The olive tree, what a grateful tree! Not only does it beautify the fields, it also offers us quality products that benefit our health, such as olives and oil, the liquid gold of Andalusia.

However, "Without land and olive groves, what would become of the cities? We ask ourselves the same question! Our palate would miss the taste and the pleasure of tasting olives. Moreover, many families have been dedicated to olive production for decades, just like in Aceitunas Escamilla. On the other hand, let's think about the whole process of the olive; from the sowing until it reaches our table. What a lot of jobs it generates!



What if you think of a riddle?

 "I have a spherical figure, already sometimes prolonged, my bitterness is cured by industry and any honest person buys, seeks and procures me".

As we have discovered in this post, the Escamilla olives are not just a high quality aperitif, they are much more. A traditional fruit, with health benefits, excellent flavour, with a peculiar importance in the Spanish proverb as well as in the vocabulary of all Andalusians linked or not to the wonderful world of olives.


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