Have you ever wondered about olive varieties, types and their presentation?

The concept of "table olives" gives its name to the fruit of varieties of olives belonging to the cultivated olive tree, harvested when ripe and of high quality, since by establishing a suitable process we will maintain its conservation and it will be a product ready for consumption.

In Spain, different varieties of olives are cultivated, the most important of which are the Camomilethe Gordal and the Verdial. They are the most widespread varieties of table olives internationally due to their productivity and fruit quality, grown mainly in Seville (Andalusia). These marvellous varieties of olives can be found in the following places Escamilla Olivesan Andalusian company with a long tradition dedicated to the production, seasoning and packaging of table olives.



Depending on their colouring, they are classified into three types

  • Greens: These are olives from fruit harvested during the ripening cycle, before veraison and when they have reached a normal size.
  • Black: Obtained from fruit harvested at or just before full maturity.
  • Colour-changing: They are harvested before they are fully ripe and have a pink, wine pink or chestnut colour.



Characteristics of table olive varieties

  • Excellent taste.
  • Good fruit size.
  • Good pulp to stone ratio.
  • Easy boning.



The main presentations are:

  • Whole: They are those that have retained their original shape and have not had the bone removed.
  • Boneless: These are olives from which the stone has been removed and which retain practically their original shape.
  • Stuffed: These are pitted olives that are stuffed with one or more ingredients such as peppers, anchovies, capers, gherkins, etc.
  • Dressed: They are whole or pitted olives seasoned with the grandmother's recipe.
  • Lonjas: Pitted or stuffed olives cut into slices of similar thickness.

Of course, as we know that olives are for everyone's tastes....., at Aceitunas Escamilla we offer you such a wide range of products where you can find your favourite.


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