The dressed olives are the aperitif par excellence that every Spanish family enjoys before sharing lunch or dinner. They never fail, they are loved by the youngest and the oldest, they are delicious and very healthy. In addition, they can be incorporated into any dietbecause of its multiple benefits.


Traditional dressingA variety of carefully selected Mediterranean spices make this recipe a real delicacy full of flavours and nuances, totally addictive.

Canarian Mojo Canario DressingThis is a recipe typical of the Canary Islands, which gives added value to our varieties. It is a thicker, full-bodied sauce, with a variety of spices including paprika, making this delicious sauce a unique dish. It is paired with gordal olives and purple manzanilla (or colour changing) olives at their optimum ripeness.

Grandma's Recipe Dressing: This is about our best-known seasoning. Its ingredients include with garlic and spiceswhich gives it a very light touch spicy, taking us back to the most ancient Andalusian recipes. This dressing is marine with the Verdial varieties, perfect because of its juiciness and with the Gordal variety, for our most demanding customers.

Olives seasoned with anchovy flavourA bite of the sea, the anchovy flavour permeates the olives making them perfect for mixing with our manzanilla olives. Its fresh taste will not leave you indifferent.

Low Salt Dressed OlivesSpecially seasoned to add a light and smooth touch to our catalogue. Ideal for adding a different and subtle touch to your recipes.

Aceitunas aliñadas


The best ingredients to carry out the olives are: olives, salt, water, garlic, aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, fennel, mint, orange peel), onion, paprika, white vinegar, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, among others. We can also use chilli, thyme, coriander or ginger; it all depends on the flavours we want to taste and their depth.


As a first step, we must be sure to wash the olives well, so that no residue from outside the fruit combines with our preparation. Then, we must put the olives in a container with water for 15 days at a time. It is also important to change the water every day to rinse them well.


After this time, it is time to season the olives. In a large bowl, add all or some of the above-mentioned spices and make sure they cover the entire skin of the olives. We add a brine (2 tablespoons of salt and 1 cup of wine vinegar for every litre of water) and two tablespoons of olive oil to intensify its flavour.

After that, all that is left to do is to arm oneself with patience and eWait 60 days before consuming whole olives.. This may seem like a long time, but in all honesty, it is well worth the wait. This is just one variant of the hundreds of ways to dress olives.. But whatever the method, the result is always the same: delicious olives.


Aceitunas Aliñadas

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