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Nowadays we can find almost as many types of dressings as we can find olives. This is thanks to the advancement of gastronomy and trends, as the Spanish olive is now part of many well-known cuisines. As a result, when asked the question how to dress olives there are a multitude of answers.

The most traditional olive dressings

We have all tried the most traditional dressings for olives. With thyme, fennel, bay leaf, salt, garlic and oregano as the main ingredients. But...how to dress olives with a more modern touch?

Nowadays, the seasonings have varied so much that we can find dressings very Asian, with soy and ginger, or dressings with romesco and almonds, or even black olives with lemon. All these dressings add different touches to the olives, so that all the olives can be used in a variety of ways. ingredient that we can think of can be a good companion.

Why use new seasonings for olives?

We know that as the traditional seasoning there is none. However, we must understand that new trends in gastronomy change over time. And that is not necessarily a bad thing.

After all, trying out new dressings, like our olives with mojo canariocan open doors to new flavours and textures.

How to dress olives with the family

Dressing olives can be a fun process to do in family. This helps and enhances the creativity of the little ones, letting them experiment with different ingredients and additions.

Making olive dressings at home is affordable and easy to do. To find out how to dress olives here are the most general processes:

Deciding which olives we want to dressWe must differentiate between black olives, whole green olives, crushed olives and cracked olives. Depending on the type, it will take more or less time to release the bitterness and obtain the flavour of the dressing.

Remove bitternessThe most modern way is to use caustic soda, but at home we can subject the olives to several washes and then leave them to soak in salted water for a period of time.

Making the dressingThis is where the imagination factor comes in. As we have already said, we can try a multitude of ways, cook ingredients, use spices, etc... Depending on the dressing, we will have to leave the dressing with the olives for more or less time.

Finally, we must bear in mind that, whatever the dressing, we must intersperse the dressing and olives in layers in the container. In this way, we will get all the flavour.


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