Types of spanish olives and how to use them

tipos de aceitunas y como conservar aceitunas tras abrir el bote

Types of spanish olives and how to use them

The Spanish olive is a very versatile product with a multitude of uses. Among these, the best known are olive oil and table olives. It is precisely thanks to the different types of olives that exist in Spain that we can obtain a multitude of unique and well-known products both in our country and internationally.

cómo aliñas aceitunas

The most famous olives

Few people have not tasted olives at some time in their lives. It is an affordable and easy to find product. It is also served as an aperitif in a high percentage of catering establishments.

The most served and marketed olives are green olives. But there are also black olives and olives of changing color. Of these three types, we should know that we currently know up to 260 different varieties of olives worldwide. In Spain, we have 18 varieties distributed in different geographical areas. Andalusia is at the top of the list, being the autonomous community with the largest cultivation area.

Classes of olives

Among these varieties we find the hojiblanca, the arbequina, gordal, blanqueta or picual… among others.

In Escamilla we try our famous chamomile, verdial or gordal, seasoned in many ways to offer you all the flavor of these different kinds of olives. These types of olives have different characteristics, so some will have more essential oils, minerals or fiber content than others, depending on their variety. But all of them have some unique characteristics that make this product unique in our gastronomy.

How to know which variety of olive suits us best

Depending on their purpose, different kinds of olives will be better for one thing or another. For example, if you want to obtain a more fruity oil, the best olive will be a empeltre or hojiblanca. If the final product we want to obtain is a good table olive, then we will use a gordal olive, like our pitted green gordal olives. If we want to use it to give flavour to our dishes, then we will choose to use a cut olive or an anchovy-flavoured green manzanilla olive.

In short, thanks to the different varieties of olives in our country, we can increase our field in gastronomy and offer a unique and world-renowned product.

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