Do you know the olive process?

How it arrives at our table

You arrive at a bar and ask for a drink and the waiter offers you a plate of olives. A very typical gesture in our land, but do you know the olive processing? In this post you will discover all the way that a table olive goes through from the time it leaves the tree until it reaches your mouth.



Olive harvesting

In the previous post we focused on the harvesting process. This is only the beginning, in this post we are going to discover the whole process of the olive. This part basically consists of harvesting the fruit from the tree.

Is it harvested at any time? No! It is very important for quality assurance that the fruit is harvested at the right time. optimal point And what is that point? When the fruit is in its larger in size and is not yet changing its colour.

In Aceitunas Escamilla we carry out the harvesting of olives from manuallyone by one. It is then deposited in the different containers that will be transported to the next step of the process.




It is very important to ensure the highest quality to our customer. This is why this part of the olive process is so important. It is where the selection On what does this selection depend? Mainly on the variety and size. Thus, the larger olives will follow one path in the process while the normal ones will follow another.

Once we have selected the olives, we move on to the next phase, which consists of preparing them for distribution.



Preparing for distribution

We have already made our selection and each olive classification will have a different preparation process. Depending mainly on the dressing and the way they are presented. For example, pitted olives will need to go through a machine that removes the pits.

Once the olives are ready for consumption, each olive goes to a different place where it is packaged. Finally, the olives are labelled and divided into their different boxes.

We now have our delicious olives packaged and it is time to take them to the different points of sale.



Escamilla olive processing: quality guaranteed

At Escamilla, we carry out a system of exhaustive control which allows us to control the fruit we offer our customers. Both for our manual harvesting, for the selection of the olives one by one and for the affection with which we treat our olives, Escamilla olives are a marvel!


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