[The olive is the fruit of the olive treeolives, a plant native to Greece and Asia Minor. Olives can be consumed ground (as oil) or in their natural state, after a maceration process. They are also popular as a seasoned or stuffed olives, which are usually eaten as an aperitif.

There are almost 2000 varieties of olives. Spain is the world's leading producer of olive oil, occupying 20% of the market. Jaén is the Spanish province with the highest production of this fruit.

The olive cannot be consumed directly from the tree, because it contains oleuropein. It gives it a very bitter taste. Therefore, up to a year of maceration is required to eliminate this compound.

In a fruit as small as the olive the four basic flavours can be found: sour, bitter, sweet and salty.



Delicious Escamilla Olives!

The time of year to harvest the olive is the arrival of autumn, which takes place in three stages. The the fruit is cut down, loaded into special containers and transported to the mill. (The olive mill can be the place where the olives are stored. It can also be the mill used to squeeze the olives and extract the oil).

In Spain, it is easy to find companies that sell and market olives. But among them is the Olives wholesaler Escamilla with more than 60 years in the market. Bringing this exquisite fruit to tables all over the world. The production plant of the Olives wholesaler Escamilla is set amidst 1,600,000 square metres of olive trees. Many of which are thousands of years old.

Offering olives in packs of up to 910 grams, in all their variety. Including whole black olives, stuffed olives, pitted olives, sliced olives, etc. Up to the market dedicated to the catering trade where it offers olives packaged in glass, tinned or packaged up to 5 kilograms



Wholesalers of olives: the best!

Due to the variety of products and presentations, the Olives wholesaler Escamilla, is a wise decision.

For millennia the olive has been accompanying the most exquisite dishes on the world's table, from typical village and town meals to carefully prepared gastronomic dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

In addition, the olive natural properties that benefit our health have been discovered, notably the high quantities of omega-3, omega-6 and vitamins A and C.


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