Olive harvesting: Quality olives

We have all seen olives already prepared and ready to eat. However, the process, often unknown, from the time the olive is on the tree until it reaches our table is a very complex one. complex and delicate. Today we are going to clear up some doubts about this and we will see why our olives are so appetising thanks to our care. Now it's back to being harvest time and we'll see that it's a key task to offer the best olives.



What is olive harvesting?

This is the process of harvesting the olives, which comprises three distinct actions:

  • It is the actual process of peeling the fruit from the tree.
  • Once we have the fruits, they are accumulated in the different containers.
  • The containers of harvested olives are taken to the oil mill if they are olives for the production of oil; or to the olive press if they are olives to be served as table olives.



When are olives harvested?

The period prior to the olive harvest is the olive harvest. Harvesting includes all the work involved in caring for the trees in order to achieve the following results the best fruits. Once the fruit is ready, the olive harvesting process begins.

On the calendar the date of collection it depends very much on the weather in each area. In Extremadura and Andalusia, harvesting begins at the beginning of October, while in colder areas it is delayed.



What is the best way to harvest olives?

Every olive expert agrees that it is not possible to olive harvesting How do we harvest the olives to achieve the highest quality?

  • At the optimum moment of ripening.
  • Straight from the tree. We can't wait for the fruit to fall to the ground.



Types of olive harvesting

The olive harvest can be carried out in two clearly differentiated ways:



Manual olive harvesting

It is the form traditional of harvesting olives. A technique inherited from generations of olive farmers.

The olives are harvested by hand, one by one, without milking or plucking.

It is an entirely artisan and difficult but we get that neither the fruit nor the tree suffers, hence to the achievement of the top quality olives.



Mechanised olive harvesting

This form is more current and allows to speed up the work. Therefore, we can mechanise harvesting in the following ways:

  • Log vibrators and blankets
  • Umbrella vibrators
  • Modern harvesters adapted to the harvesting of hedge plantations.



Aceitunas Escamilla, high quality table olives

At Escamilla we ensure that the entire olive harvesting process is carried out in the best possible way, exclusively by hand. So, we can ensure that the result and quality of our product is the maximum; and thus offer the best to our customers.


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