Escamilla Olives has been engaged in the production, seasoning and packaging of the manzanilla sevillana olives since 1950. Both the  manzanilla sevillana  as the gordal sevillana together make up the majority of olive production in the region. province of Seville.

Do you know the benefits of manzanilla olives? Here we tell you about them:


Undoubtedly, there are many reasons for choosing the amanzanilla sevillana olives as a main appetizer:

  • It is a very nutritious food, due to its high levels of minerals. such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous...
  • They are a very important source of calcium and are also antioxidants. because they contain vitamins A, B, C and E.
  • Contain oleic acid, protects the heart and prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases.
  • It helps you to care for your immune system and helps to boost your defences..
Aceitunas Manzanilla Sevillana


The camomile olive treeThe new system, with its good characteristics for the  table olives. Withstands the caustic soda sweetening process well.

  • Productivity in the variety of camomile olive tree is of high production.
  • FloweringThis olive tree has an average flowering period. The pollen is of very good quality. The use of pollinators is not necessary in Spain.
  • Leaves: Its leaves are elliptical in shape and of medium size.

These olives are obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, harvested during the ripening cycle, before veraison and when they have reached a normal size to facilitate harvesting. Normally the manzanilla olives from Seville are seasoned in brine by natural lactic fermentation. The highest quality of this speciality is to be found in the province of Seville because of the way they are collected.

The traditional system known as milking ensures that the fruit does not suffer any damage. It avoids transport to distant areas and a short period of time.


The Manzanilla Sevilla olives, are characterised by their straw yellow colour. Its texture is firm and smooth, which means that it is not as soft in the mouth as other olives.

The IOC (International Olive Council) itself praises the excellent qualities of these olives. Its good size and shape, together with the harmonious relationship between flesh and stone, stand out.. It has a notable proportion of flesh to bone, which means that the bone is not too close, and also that it separates easily. Its oil content is moderate, without taking on a leading role as is the case with the verdial. All these characteristics make the Manzanilla Olive The new product has become the preferred choice of many consumers.

At Escamilla Olives we know the specialities of manzanilla olives from Seville, which is why we have a wide range of formats to obtain your favourite olives. We have a different catalogue for homes and businesses as we know that the needs in terms of quantity and shape are not the same.

We are experts in olives, so if you want to enjoy delicious olives, trust us. We want to be part of your daily diet, because as we said before, olives are an essential product for any diet and above all for your health.

If you want to enjoy authentic Sevillian manzanilla olives prepared by a company with a long tradition in the sector, go to the products section and buy them.

aceitunas Manzanilla sevillana

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